In this paragraph, I want to take the opportunity to provide our guests with a possible framework programme before or after a visit at our restaurant “Alt Hamburger Aalspeicher”: Almost nobody knows that, directly next to our restaurant, there is an access to the Nikolaifleet; this small alley leads to a bateau, where ships and launches are allowed to berth.
At that spot, our guests are able to berth or put launches out to sea – depending on the tide. This presents an excellent opportunity to do a harbor tour for family or company events before or after a visit at our restaurant.

Furthermore, there are daily free tours around the city, which are not only very informative but are also being executed by very pleasant and approved city guides.

As the historical Deichstraße is only in a few meters distance to the Elbe Philarmonic Hall and the copious Hafen City, it presents an excellent opportunity to rent a pedicab (available for 2 persons; if necessary, including a child) for a lovely ride around the harbor city. Entire groups can also do a tour around the city in convoys of up to 15 pedicabs. I want to give you a personal note here in saying that a lot of the drivers there are good friends of mine.

I'm living in the historical Deichstraße myself, and so can you! There are numerous holiday rentals that can partially be rented for up to 6 people. A divine proximity, modern and appropriately equipped, with the additional opportunity to rent a car space. This is especially ideal for families and vacationers who want to feel just like home in Hamburg.

A huge tour around the harbor is just mandatory when visiting this amazing city; there are almost as many launches as there are captains. If you want to get considerably cheaper tickets for the big harbor tour, I'm your man (tickets are valid daily from 10am to 6pm; the tour starts every 30 minutes)! That same ticket is also your entrance card to the well-known and unique vespertine “Tour Of Light”.

To get to know Hamburg from its other side, you can also do a tour in a convertible over the Köhlbrandbrücke, with an exceptional view over the city's panorama and the sea of light, sending a kiss to the Elbe Philarmonic Hall. This cruise is exclusive and only available once daily at 12am for a maximum of 4 guests, champagne and the drive back to a hotel of your choice included.

I am pleased to undertake the scheduling and reservations for you.