Menu suggestions

Especially during group events, I principally want to provide our guests with experienced advice, consider specific occasional events and, of course, offering seasonal dishes.

So here are only a few but nevertheless attractive menu suggestions.

Our choosing menu is very popular, especially among company events; here, all of the guests are provided with the opportunity to choose their very own menu for themselves on the day of the event from a small menu card. The advantage is that consumers of fish and meat both are being taken in account, as well as vegetarians. Another advantage definitely is the cost control for the operator.


Original hamburg crawfish soup with cream .....or

Homemade Potato Soup, optionally with Smoked Eel or sausage added.....

Marinated reservoir Herring with a basket of Bread and Butter.....

Mixed Salad of the season

Main course

Roasted Pike-Perch Fillet on a pommery Mustard sauce with leaf spinach and Butter-tossed Potatoes..... or

A whole Bowl-Chopper Plaice with prawns from B├╝sum and Potato Salad with Bacon.....

Homemade Beef Roll with plenty of sauce, seasonal vegetables and Parsley Potatoes.....

Tagliatelle with fresh Chanterelles in a cream sauce


Ice Cream with fruits soaked in rum and cream.....or
Homemade Red Berry Compote with cream.....
Small Cheese Plate with a basket of Bread and Butter

Costs per person: EUR 29,50 (VAT included)

An excourse through the hanseatic kitchen

Original hamburg crawfish soup
Original hamburg lobscouse
(if wanted, I'll be telling the story of the lobscouse to your guests)
Fingerfood Smoked Eel with a Sloe Brandy from a pewter spoon
(with it comes a highly memorable value as well as a factor of entertainment)
Plaice treat with Speckstibbe (dunken Bacon), Crawfish and diverse side dishes of potatoes
Homemade hamburg Red Berry Compote

Costs per person: EUR 44,50 (VAT included)

A whole Salmon in a salt-casing
will be opened with hammer and chisel in front of our guests

Along with it, a delicate choice of vegetables, scalloped potatoes and potatoes tossed in butter will be served, as well as a sauce made of a Chive-Riesling

Costs per person: EUR 34,50 (VAT included)

Servings of Geese, Kale and Asparagus
depending on season

All of the menu suggestions can also be downloaded as pdf file here:
Menu suggestions